Fast Fleet


For the last two years, Concinnity Digital has worked with Fast Fleet to grow their sales through paid media, website development, dispatch team hiring & fulfillment, and marketing automation.

Through our work, we’ve been able to help this brand exceed 100% YoY sales revenue growth, have generated over 2.3 million in sales while maintaining between 2-4x Return on ad spend.

Helping Truckers in the Southeast Get Back on the Road

With Fast Fleet’s commitment to reliable roadside services, we have helped grow multiple segments of their business through direct-to-consumer paid media campaigns and partnership program growth. Using robust marketing automation, we alleviate the burdens of a growing dispatch team that takes over 80 calls per day and create an infrastructure that scales with this fast-paced business.

A rugged brand that helps those in urgent need, empowering our nation's trucking industry to get back on the road.

Initiatives That Minimize Downtime

Our work helps create better outcomes for large fleets and small fleets alike. 

Website Development

A consumer’s buying decision often starts and ends online. They purchase primarily based on a brand’s digital footprint and reputation. Without a reputable online presence, it’s easy to lose prospects.

This was Fast Fleet’s case in 2021. As a solution, Concinnity Digital built a website designed to showcase Fast Fleet’s services and expertise in the vehicle roadside assistance industry. All with the overarching strategy of generating leads and strengthening customer retention.

Winning Features

  • Clear purpose. Visitors instantly know what the business is about and the services it offers. 
  • Professional branding. Fast Fleet’s website looks clean and carefully designed at first glance, creating an impression of dedication and reliability to its visitors.
  • Easy to navigate. The website sticks to the core objective of giving visitors only the information they need to trust the business.
  • Strong calls to action. Prospects are prompted to take specific actions that serve their level of interest via strategically placed call-to-action buttons and spot on copy.
  • Mobile friendly. Around 95% of Fast Fleet’s customers are on the road, so we made sure that the website is responsive to smaller screens and provides the same comfortable experience as using its desktop version.
  • Measurable Results. We installed and integrated tracking and analytics tools to see how visitors behave, allowing Fast Fleet to make better decisions based on accurate data.


A website is great for converting leads into customers, but it’s far greater if it can attract leads without spending on ads. And that’s what Concinnity Digital did for Fast Fleet’s website right from its development stages. 

Fast Fleet, as of January 25, 2023, has over 681 monthly visits from search engines like Google. The business also appears on Google’s top 10 search results for 105 commercial-grade keywords, such as “truck jump start service” and “roadside trailer tire repair.

Key Results

  • Over 2,000 backlinks and 44 referring domains. Fast Fleet’s website content is of top quality, encouraging people to share its content on social and other websites organically. 
  • Ranks in the top 3 for over 15 commercial keywords. The website is responsive, fast, and properly optimized to the last image.
  • Has an authority score of 26. Most business websites can’t even go past an authority score of 8; Fast Fleet attained that in less than two years. 

Social Media

Concinnity Digital fully manages Fast Fleet’s social media marketing across multiple channels. Our team makes sure that the brand is able to connect and engage its  audience for awareness and brand loyalty.

Marketing tactics were also implemented in order to build following and increase  engagement. To date, Fast Fleet’s Facebook and Instagram pages have gained around 20 visits daily, translating to 3-5 inquiries daily. 

Scope of Work

  • Creating professional branding visuals for all social channels. From graphics and short videos, Fast Fleet utilizes top-quality social media content for organic engagement. 
  • Creating ad copy and media. To generate immediate leads and build a decent following, Concinnity Digital ran a few ads that boosted Fast Fleet’s online presence on social. 
  • Used social channels for cross-promotion. To boost its website’s traffic and reach, Concinnity Digital consistently syndicated new content from the website and promos. 
  • Creating and publishing weekly informational, value-rich content. Doing so helped Fast Fleet establish a brand sincere about helping truckers have safe, long-distance journeys with minimal downtimes. 


Aside from organic drivers, Concinnity Digital leverages Google ads for lead generation, focusing on both quantity and quality of leads.

With PPC as a top-performing channel, we ramped up their google ads for 2022. Concluded the year with a total of $330,000 in ad spend, which has doubled from the previous year. Ad performance yielded impressive results meeting the target number of leads with a 30% conversion rate versus the industry average of only 4.06%.

Scope of Work

  • Creating ad copy. Concinnity Digital dedicated weeks of research to understanding Fast Fleet’s target audience, all in an effort to create attention-grabbing and persuasive copy.
  • Creating landing pages. Grabbing people’s attention on search results is only a fraction of the equation. Concinnity Digital created captivating and value-rich landing pages that helped leads trust Fast Fleet’s services. 
  • Setting up Google Ads. Concinnity Digital ran several A/B tests to get the best and most converting keywords for Fast Fleet’s services.
  • Quality Score optimization. Apart from setting up keywords and using the best parameters for the best results, Concinnity Digital continues to make changes to reduce PPC costs while still getting the same or better results.
  • Tracking. Landing page visitors are tracked to know how they respond, allowing Concinnity Digital to make objective changes to increase the conversion rate. 

Custom CRM

With the growing market demand, Fast Fleet needed a custom CRM aligned with their unique business model.

Providing the best-in-class roadside or maintenance service means having to dispatch technicians in real time. This entails quick response on breakdown tickets, timely dispatch, and effective work status tracking. 

Concinnity developed an advanced custom CRM for Fast Fleet that is not only capable of adding, changing, and sorting customer data but also allows seamless conversations with the prospect via calls and SMS, all in one powerful system!

Key Features

  • Advanced lead/client management. The system can make calls and send SMS to clients within the CRM.
  • Advanced technician management. The system can make calls, send SMS, and provide inventory and truck information. 
  • Inventory management. Fast Fleet can add multiple warehouses and items (integrates directly with the CRM).
  • Work orders and job status. Dispatched team/technician will be automatically tracked (travel time, work hours, etc.).

Marketing Automation

With high volume of leads, Fast Fleet needed a quick, smart and effective way to respond and win prospective customers.

As a solution, Concinnity custom-built Fast Fleet’s Pipeline Opportunity Automation. An infrastructure that promotes effective pipeline management with the use of workflows, automated messaging and user assignment that’s aligned to their sales process.

Features & Benefits

  • SMS Autoresponders. Broadcasts warm and friendly text messages to leads within seconds.
  • Real-time internal notification system. Users are notified each time a new ticket is submitted, making sure no leads fall through the cracks.
  • Intelligent Segmentation. Prospects are bucketed and tagged according to objections. This triggers system-generated messages to close the sale.
  • Messaging aligned to the brand. With messages being pre-approved and curated, responses are error-free and standardized.
  • Reduces Mundane Tasks. Frees up the internal team with unnecessary admin work so that they can focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Full Control on Leads. With a fully automated Pipeline Opportunity System, the team is able to manage their leads efficiently, increasing sales conversion and velocity.

Promotional Campaigns

Running a successful business goes beyond day-to-day operations. A brand needs to achieve consistent growth, reach new markets and keep up with the needs of its customers.

To achieve this,  Concinnity launched the Fleet Partner Program that incentivizes loyalty and builds a community of happy customers.

Business Objectives:

  • Promote Customer Retention. The program adds value to long-time customers and prevents them from switching to the competition.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty. Customers are incentivized with member discounts and exciting rewards to build loyalty and build stronger ties.
  • Increase Revenue. Retaining customers cost less than winning new ones. The partner program generates revenue with less impact on margins.

Success Results

In just two years, Fast Fleet was able to scale its business and grow its revenue exponentially!

YoY sales revenue growth
0 %
Million in sales
Total opportunities
1 %
Conversion rate
1 %
Abandon rate
0 %
Sales velocity
1 %
SMS sent