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For the last 5 years, Concinnity Digital has worked side-by-side with several Regional Developer’s offices to empower their acquisition and recruiting goals. Through our work, Concinnity Digital has enabled our engaged Regional Developer’s to perform consistently in the top 10 fastest growing locations out of more than 90 locations nationwide. 

Empowering business owners to reach elevated heights and cleaner outcomes.

As one of the leading Commercial Cleaning franchise brands in the United States, Regional Developer’s have a unique responsibility to acquire two segments of business, managing sales growth and service fulfillment. Through our marketing automation work and lead generation campaigns, we’ve helped our engaged offices exceed these goals to drive or exceed recurring sales goals and create all time records.

Marketing automation that takes looks professional and creates consistent sales outcomes.

In a world full of unprofessional janitorial companies, JAN-PRO stands out.

Integrated, multi-channel marketing.

Giving the JAN-PRO brand greater reach through integrated, multi-channel campaigns, we saw a staggering brand lift in impressions and inquiries across accounts and business campaigns.

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Client Feedback

Taylor and his team have always made our company's interests and goals a top priority. Their attention to the focus of our business core customer base and messaging has shown thru and gotten us more leads and opportunities for growth than we could imagine and exceeded our expectations. Their knowledge of the various social media platforms to get the word out to our potential customer base is unparalleled and their customer service is 2nd to none in an industry of generic services. I highly recommend Taylor and his team if you are fed up with under performing, over priced media marketing firms.
Dan F.
Concinnity has been amazing to work with. Taylor and his team are attentive, available, and always coming up with new ways to push our marketing.
Jared R.